STEP BY STEP / Make the fel­low yel­low

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

1 De­sat­u­rate the leaves

Load TYLR60.dng into the De­velop mod­ule. If you right-click a panel and tick Solo Mode, Light­room will only dis­play the cur­rently ac­tive panel. Click to tog­gle open the HSL panel. Click the Sat­u­ra­tion la­bel. Drag the Red and Orange slider to -100 to de­sat­u­rate the leaves.

2 Re­move the blues

Drag the Green and Aqua slid­ers left to -100 too. This will de­sat­u­rate the colours in the grass and con­vert these to greyscale. In­stead of drag­ging slid­ers, click the cir­cu­lar Tar­geted Ad­just­ment icon, then click the jeans to sam­ple the colour and drag down to de­sat­u­rate the blues.

3 De­sat­u­rate the skin

There’s a hint of skin tone re­main­ing. Use the Tar­geted Ad­just­ment tool to sam­ple and de­sat­u­rate the skin, or drag the Pur­ple and Ma­genta slid­ers to -100. The only re­main­ing colour is yel­low. Boost the Yel­low slider to +64 to make the rain­coat look more vi­brant.

4 Tidy things up

There are still some yel­lows in the back­ground bushes. To re­move yel­low from these ar­eas grab the Ad­just­ment brush. Choose Sat­u­ra­tion from the Ef­fect drop-down menu. Drop the Sat­u­ra­tion slider to -100. Clear Auto Mask. Set Flow and Den­sity to 100.

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