Ex­pert in­sight Check­ing the fo­cus

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Jack says… When you’re shoot­ing an event with many com­peti­tors, time is of the essence, so don’t waste time zoom­ing in to check images with mul­ti­ple presses of your zoom but­ton. Go to Cus­tom set­ting menu>Con­trols>Multi selec­tor cen­ter but­ton>Shoot­ing mode and tick ‘High­light ac­tive fo­cus point’ (some Nikon mod­els vary, so this may be la­belled ‘Zoom to 100%’ or sim­i­lar). This way, you can check your fo­cus is pin-sharp with a sin­gle click be­tween shots. I don’t check ev­ery sin­gle shot, but once you’ve seen a few you can be sure the rest should fol­low nicely. This is es­pe­cially use­ful for slaloms when there are lots of kayak­ers.

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