Pro Port­fo­lio Mak­ing waves

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Jack has taken on many kayak­ers with his Nikon over the course of jus t a few years

Horn bill Pre mier

This im­age was shot dur­ing the Horn­bill Premier slalom event at Cardiff. It cap­tures a pad­dler nav­i­gat­ing pre­cisely through a down­stream gate, clos­ing his eyes to avoid get­ting them splashed.

Pyran ha

This im­age cap­tures wa­ter droplets break­ing over the bow of a Pyranha 9R creek boat, and pushes the con­cept of a ‘suc­cess­ful’ kayak­ing im­age due to the pad­dler not be­ing the main fo­cus.

Seren Dwr Slalom

This was cap­tured dur­ing one evening us­ing an off-cam­era flash mounted on a tri­pod to the left of the sub­ject. The flash high­lights the dra­matic splash as the pad­dler pow­ers through the poles.

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