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Even the keen travel pho­tog­ra­pher has to work hard to make the most out of a trip abroad. If you are juggling pho­tog­ra­phy with a hol­i­day then you will have to be even more ef­fi­cient with your shoot­ing time, and the old cliché about re­search­ing be­fore you leave is all the more im­por­tant.

Be­fore your trip, look into the sort of places and things that are dis­tinc­tive about your des­ti­na­tion, but cru­cially look for the sort of things that re­ally in­ter­est you. You should be aware of prac­ti­cal­i­ties though, and what you can ac­tu­ally ex­pect to be able to achieve.

There are cer­tain things that are easy to get out and pho­to­graph on hol­i­day. If you are stay­ing at a beach, for ex­am­ple, then there are of­ten fish­er­men nearby and thriv­ing lo­cal mar­kets sell­ing seafood. Take a short walk down the beach at the right time, and you might be able to pho­to­graph fish be­ing landed, sold and even laid out to dry!

Even in your ho­tel there might be great photo op­por­tu­ni­ties. Spend a lit­tle bit more and get a ho­tel with a good view. I have taken great shots from ho­tel rooms, and even the ho­tel bar. As a guest, you are more likely to be able to bag a ta­ble with a great view, and noth­ing is bet­ter than shoot­ing cityscapes in the blue hour, from a great

al­fresco bar, whilst sip­ping cock­tails. Even the most photo-pho­bic part­ner would en­joy be­ing a part of that!

There are, quite lit­er­ally, po­ten­tially great pic­tures ev­ery­where, if you only look for them. Eat in a qual­ity lo­cal res­tau­rant and pho­to­graph the food. Go on some in­ter­est­ing ex­cur­sions and take shots of those. This might be the iconic sights of a coun­try, an­cient ru­ins or even ex­pen­sive shop­ping streets. You can even shoot pic­tures from a fam­ily sight­see­ing cruise or a ca­ble car.

Sim­ple beach life can be an in­trigu­ing and some­times quirky sub­ject: just look at the work of Mar­tin Parr! Try hard not to sim­ply take the ob­vi­ous shots, though. Imag­ine that you are walk­ing down the beach with a friend; look for things that you would deem in­ter­est­ing enough to point out to them, and then pho­to­graph those. This is the key to cre­at­ing mean­ing­ful and per­sonal pic­tures.

Mar­kets are al­ways happy hunt­ing grounds for pic­tures. Not only can you pho­to­graph piles of en­tic­ing lo­cal pro­duce, but they are a fan­tas­tic place to find in­ter­est­ing faces and peo­ple to pho­to­graph. If you man­age just an hour in a lo­cal mar­ket, then you should be able to come away with a cou­ple of dozen great shots. If you also bring back a few ripe man­goes then you can also be a hero to your fam­ily!

Ev­ery­one loves sun­sets, and there are plenty of op­por­tu­ni­ties for at­mo­spheric sun­set shots on hol­i­day. Make sure to try to get a sense of place, though, by try­ing to sil­hou­ette some­thing iconic about your des­ti­na­tion against the set­ting sun. Don’t just point your cam­era at the sun though; one of the great things about sun­sets is how they bathe the world in glo­ri­ous golden

light. Whether at sun­rise or sun­set, al­ways look out for things that are lit by the set­ting sun, and not just the sun it­self.

If all else fails, then pho­to­graph other tourists. Wher­ever you go on hol­i­day, you are likely to en­counter them. They will of­ten be strangely dressed, do­ing odd things, tak­ing self­ies in in­ap­pro­pri­ate places or crowd­ing lo­cals for pic­tures. This makes them the per­fect sub­jects for an in­ter­est­ing and some­times ironic im­age them­selves!

LEFT Shoot­ing in sil­hou­ette at sun­set makes for iconic images that are free from the dis­trac­tions that can com­monly clut­ter up touristy ar­eas

RIGHT Mar­kets can be a pho­to­graphic gold mine, not only for the rows of pho­to­genic pro­duce, but the char­ac­ters that pop­u­late them too

RIGHT Peo­ple go­ing about their ev­ery­day du­ties can make fas­ci­nat­ing sub­jects, such as these fish­er­man dry­ing their catch on a beach

ABOVE Take ad­van­tage of lo­cal ex­cur­sions to get you to places you oth­er­wise wouldn’t – you may even find your mode of trans­port to be a suit­able sub­ject!

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