Max­i­mize shadow and high­light de­tail

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Open The start file

In the Fold­ers view, browse to our start im­age clip­ping_s­tart.NEF. The im­age has been ex­posed for the high­lights, as clipped high­lights are much harder to re­cover, but this means the shad­ows are un­der­ex­posed and lack de­tail. We need to lighten the shad­ows with­out blow­ing out the high­lights.

Ex­am­ine clipped high­lights

In the Tone panel drag Bright­ness up to 20. Choose Im­age>Show Lost High­lights. Black ar­eas aren’t over­ex­posed. Clipped ar­eas ap­pear as patches of colour. Here we can see that we’ve blown out some of the blue sky and many of the sun­lit build­ings. Re­store Bright­ness back to 0.

Re­veal clipped shad­ows

Go to Im­age>Show Lost Shad­ows. White ar­eas are not too un­der­ex­posed but any clipped shad­ows will ap­pear as RGB patches. If you drag Bright­ness to -20 you’ll see even more clipped shad­ows. These will print with no de­tail. Re­store Bright­ness to 0. We need to se­lec­tively lighten the shad­ows.

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