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On your Nikon or PC’s screen the colours in a photo are re­pro­duced by mix­ing reds, greens and blues to­gether to cre­ate mil­lions of dif­fer­ent colours (whereas print­ers recre­ate colour by com­bin­ing cyan, ma­genta, yel­low and black inks). The Shadow and High­light clip­ping warn­ings in Cap­ture NX-D ap­pear as red, green or blue patches, de­pend­ing on which colour chan­nel is over­ex­posed. Adobe Cam­era Raw only dis­plays clipped high­lights as red and clipped shad­ows as blue, so Cap­ture NX-D give us more in­for­ma­tion about which colour chan­nels are be­ing clipped.

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