Per­spec­ti­val Dis­tor­tion

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Cap­ture NX-D can also coun­ter­act per­spec­ti­val dis­tor­tion. How­ever, this can cause the sub­ject to be­come stretched both hor­i­zon­tally and ver­ti­cally, so you may need to com­pro­mise be­tween mak­ing your build­ing’s walls truly ver­ti­cal while avoid­ing an over-stretched look. To make our con­verg­ing walls look more ver­ti­cal us­ing the Straighten and Per­spec­tive Con­trol panel, drag the Hor­i­zon­tal slider right to a max­i­mum value of 20. How­ever, note that this makes the church look much taller and wider than the un­cor­rected ver­sion.

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