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1 Ex­am­ine the colour mix

Load our pro­cessed im­age into the De­velop mod­ule. Move the cur­sor around the im­age; you’ll see that the RGB val­ues below the his­togram change. The sam­pled dark blue sky in our grab is cre­ated by a mix of 28.2% Red, 34.7% Green and 50.4% Blue, for ex­am­ple.

3 Ac­ti­vate the gamut warn­ing

To dis­cover which colours won’t print cor­rectly, click the Des­ti­na­tion Gamut Warn­ing icon at the top-right of the his­togram win­dow. Any un­print­able colours will turn red. Here you can see that the darker blue pix­els and some of the greens and yel­lows are out of gamut.

5 Ad­just the sat­u­ra­tion se­lec­tively

Click the Sat­u­ra­tion sec­tion of the HSL panel, se­lect the Tar­geted Ad­just­ment tool icon, click the sky’s red patch and drag down­wards to de­sat­u­rate the colour. The Blue slider will slide left and the patches will van­ish. Sam­ple and de­sat­u­rate the patches in the grass.

2 See a Proof Pre­view

To get a bet­ter idea of how the photo will look when printed, click the Soft Proof­ing but­ton. The white back­drop rep­re­sents the pa­per bor­der around the print. The area below the his­togram shows nu­mer­i­cal val­ues for each colour RGB colour chan­nel, rather than a per­cent­age.

4 Cre­ate a Proof Copy

You may want a ver­sion of the im­age to be seen on­line, as well as one suit­able for print. Click Cre­ate Proof Copy. You’ll now have two ver­sions of the photo in the Film­strip. To de­sat­u­rate the un­print­able blues with­out chang­ing the other colours, go to the HSL tab.

6 Change the colour pro­file

Al­ter­na­tively, you can change the photo’s Colour Pro­file menu from the de­fault sRGB (stan­dard RGB) to the print-friendly colour space of Adobe RGB (1998) to force the Proof Pre­view’s colours to con­form to a print­able range with­out the need to make se­lec­tive ad­just­ments.

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