NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

1 Type some text

Open TYCC84.jpg. Go to Win­dow>Workspace>Ty­pog­ra­phy. Choose the Hor­i­zon­tal Type mask tool from the Tools panel. In the Op­tions bar, choose Gill Sans from the Font Fam­ily menu. Set style to Bold and a Size value of 200 points. Hold Shift and type ‘ITALIA’.

3 Add a tex­ture

Choose Layer>New>Layer. La­bel the layer ‘Italia’. Click OK. Open TYCC83.jpg. Choose Se­lect>All and then Edit>Copy. On the main doc­u­ment choose Edit>Paste Spe­cial>Paste Into. Drag in­side the text with the Move tool to re­veal the rip­ples from the copied im­age.

5 Cre­ate a re­flec­tion

Set Blend­ing Mode to Screen and Opac­ity to 64%. Click the ‘Italia’ layer. Press Cmd/Ctrl+J. Click be­tween the du­pli­cated layer and its mask to link them. Choose Edit>Trans­form>Flip Ver­ti­cal. Hold Shift and use the Move tool to drag the text to the bot­tom of the frame.

2 Warp the text

Move the cur­sor away from the text un­til it changes to an ar­row. Drag the text near to the sky­line. Right-click and choose Warp Text. Set the Style menu to Wave. Tick the Hor­i­zon­tal but­ton. Drag the Bend slider left to -34 so that the text warps to flow above the build­ings. Click OK.

4 Add 3D edges

Choose Layer>Layer Style>Bevel & Em­boss. Set Style to In­ner Bevel and Tech­nique to Chisel Hard. Set Depth 74%, Di­rec­tion Up and Size 27. In Shad­ing, set An­gle 164 and Al­ti­tude 11. Click Pat­tern Over­lay, open the Pat­tern picker, load Rock Pat­terns, choose the Dirt pat­tern.

6 Add some blur

Click ‘Italia copy’ and choose Layer>Ras­ter­ize>Layer Style. Set the Blend­ing Mode to Over­lay and drop Opac­ity to 75%. Go to Fil­ter> Blur>Ra­dial Blur. Set Amount to 9, Blur Method to Zoom and Qual­ity to Best. Drag the Blur Cen­ter to make it match the text above.

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