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There isn’t much to this kit; just four swabs, a tiny 1.15ml phial of clean­ing liq­uid, and the SwabLight. This tiny torch slots onto a swab and shines down, so wher­ever you clean, the light fol­lows. The SwabLight’s grippy cas­ing is much eas­ier to hold than a spindly swab han­dle. A proper mag­ni­fy­ing loupe would give a bet­ter view, and though Vis­i­bleDust sells a Quasar Plus Sen­sor Loupe, this isn’t cheap.

You can spec the kit with one of three for­mu­la­tions of clean­ing so­lu­tion, de­signed to shift wa­ter or oil-based stains, or a com­bi­na­tion. We went for the multi-pur­pose fluid – VDust Plus – ap­plied to su­per-soft Or­ange Vswabs that are avail­able to suit full-frame or APS-C sen­sors. The re­sult? A flaw­less clean with no streaks, no stains, and no dust left be­hind.

It’s a pity there are only enough swabs and fluid for four cleans, and a dozen ex­tra swabs will set you back about £35/$35.

Pros Un­ri­valled per­for­mance; use­ful SwabLight il­lu­mi­na­tion

Cons High price per clean; ex­tras aren’t cheap; no loupe

We say It’s not per­fect, but a stel­lar clean gives this kit the edge

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