Dust-Aid Plat­inum & DustWand Combo

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The Dust-Aid Plat­inum slips eas­ily into a kit bag and has its own com­pact travel case. It’s a sim­ple de­vice con­sist­ing of a wand with a sil­i­cone pad on the end mea­sur­ing roughly 10x15mm, plus six ad­he­sive clean­ing strips. Press the pad onto one of the clean­ing strips to re­move any con­tam­i­nants, then dab your sen­sor to pick up loose dirt. No residue is left, but you can get a sticky out­line if you rock or twist the pad while it’s in con­tact with the sen­sor.

For stick­ier stains, there’s the Dust-Wand kit. This is a liq­uid and swab combo, but un­like with most kits, you make your own swabs by wrap­ping a small cloth around a plas­tic han­dle. This can be a faff, but you do get 50 cloths, and re­place­ment packs don’t cost a for­tune. What’s more, the bun­dled clean­ing liq­uid doesn’t leave streaks. But with no loupe and all that folded cloth cre­at­ing a rel­a­tively bulky swab, it’s not the eas­i­est clean­ing ex­pe­ri­ence.

Pros Com­pact, cost-ef­fec­tive and re­moves all types of dirt

Cons Dust-Wands are a bit fid­dly to make and use; no loupe

We say Gives a com­pre­hen­sive clean at a fair price

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