Elab­o­rate ti­tles and cap­tions

Add cus­tom­iz­a­ble text us­ing Pho­to­shop’s pow­er­ful ty­pog­ra­phy tools

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The Hor­i­zon­tal Type tool and its Tool panel com­part­ment cousins en­able you to en­rich your cre­ative projects in many ways, such as pro­vid­ing posters or book cov­ers with eye-catch­ing ty­pog­ra­phy, or turn­ing text into a key com­po­nent of an il­lus­tra­tion by in­sert­ing a photo into the fonts.

At first glance, the Type tool works in a sim­i­lar way to word­pro­cess­ing pack­ages. As you move the mouse onto a Pho­to­shop doc­u­ment a text cur­sor will ap­pear. Click to place the cur­sor on a par­tic­u­lar spot and start typ­ing on your key­board to add text to the doc­u­ment as a new layer. You can treat this text layer like any other Pho­to­shop layer, and use the Move tool to fine-tune the po­si­tion of the text in the de­sign.

As with word-pro­cess­ing pack­ages, you can change text in Pho­to­shop in a va­ri­ety of ways. Dou­ble-click to se­lect a word, or drag to se­lect a few let­ters. Like shapes pro­duced by the Pen or Cus­tom Shape tools, text is cre­ated math­e­mat­i­cally as vec­tor shapes, so you can in­crease the size with­out mak­ing the edges fuzzy.

You can dis­tort text too, us­ing the Cre­ate Warped Text op­tion, and edit the size, font or spell­ing of the warped text if need be. How­ever, to ap­ply other fil­ters and com­mands you’ll need to con­vert it to a raster layer.

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