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The D7500 is a great cam­era, but is it the right one for you? Nikon must have thought that, by pitch­ing its new model be­tween the old-but­good D7200 and the pow­er­ful-but-pricey D500, it was mak­ing our lives eas­ier, but we’re not so sure! And when you fac­tor in the good-value full-frame D750 at a sim­i­lar price, it gets harder still. See our thoughts on the D7500’s ri­vals op­po­site, but we need to sum this up, so here goes: if you ac­tu­ally want value, we think the D7200 does it bet­ter. If you want out­right speed, you might re­gret not get­ting the D500. And if you’re in pur­suit of all-round qual­ity, you should re­ally be look­ing at the D750. The D7500’s strength is that it gives you a bit of ev­ery­thing. It has the video and high-ISO per­for­mance of the D500 and much of its speed, and yet it has some of the value for money and all-round user­friend­li­ness of the D7200. If you imag­ine your bud­get and your wish-list on both sides of a see-saw, the D7500 bal­ances it per­fectly!

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