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On a sunny day, shoot­ing at noon can be a pho­tog­ra­pher’s worst night­mare. With the sun high in the sky the light is hard and quite cold com­pared with the warm casts of sun­rise and sun­set, and there are no long shad­ows to cre­ate tex­ture and def­i­ni­tion, which can re­sult in flat-look­ing images. Con­trast can be a prob­lem too, with deep shad­ows re­veal­ing lit­tle or no de­tail. If you have to shoot at mid­day, try ditch­ing the wide-an­gle lens and zoom in on the scene with a tele­photo lens. This way, you’ll elim­i­nate the large amount of con­trast that’s ev­i­dent in broader shots, and so give the viewer’s eye some­thing to fo­cus on.

Be pa­tient. A pass­ing cloud can be enough to soften the light hit­ting the land­scape

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