Cre­ate a print tem­plate

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1 Set up the page

Tog­gle open the Cells panel and click Clear Lay­out to cre­ate a blank page. Click the Page Setup but­ton on the bot­tom left of the workspace. Click the land­scape ori­en­ta­tion icon and se­lect a suit­able pa­per size, such as A4. Leave Scale at 100%. Click OK.

3 Change the units

Our 5x7 print will fill a stan­dard pic­ture frame. You may also want to print pass­port-sized pho­tos on the same sheet. If so, then go to Rulers, Grid & Guides and set Ruler Units to Mil­lime­ters. Go to Cells and click the pop-up ar­row. Choose Edit.

5 Ad­just the size man­u­ally

Set the Units back to Inches. Click to add a 2.5x3.5-sized cell to the page. Drag the cell’s han­dles to make it fill the lay­out’s empty space. This shape doesn’t match the orig­i­nal com­po­si­tion. Hold Cmd/Ctrl and drag the cell to fine-tune the po­si­tion of the en­closed photo.

2 Add the cells

Se­lect the start im­age in the Film­strip. The Cells panel con­tains icons that cre­ate cells with spe­cific di­men­sions. Click the ar­row to the right of each but­ton to ac­cess other shapes and sizes. Choose 5x7 to cre­ate a large print. Tick Zoom to Fill in the Im­age Set­tings panel.

4 Cre­ate a cus­tom size

In the New Cus­tom Size win­dow, type di­men­sions of 35x45mm. Click Add. This cre­ates a cell with stan­dard pass­port photo di­men­sions and a 35x45 but­ton will ap­pear. Click it to add more pass­port pic­tures to your lay­out. Drag them into po­si­tion.

6 Save your tem­plate

Clear Zoom to Fill in the Im­age Set­tings panel to make the en­tire photo fit in­side each cell. To save the cus­tom lay­out as a tem­plate, click the + icon in the Tem­plate browser. Name the tem­plate and click Cre­ate. You can then sum­mon it with a click in the Tem­plate browser.

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