Core com­po­nents / Wood smoke

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1 Quiet lo­ca­tion

We found a quiet woods with trails specif­i­cally de­signed for downhill moun­tain bik­ing. It was a dirt track with a few twists, turns and jumps. How­ever, due to the smoke screen Tom was go­ing to be leav­ing be­hind, we had to en­sure the area was clear of other cy­clists.

2 Smoke grenades

We used smoke grenades in a va­ri­ety of colours strapped to the bike’s seat and ped­als and aimed back­wards. We ini­tially used one grenade, but ended up with three in our fi­nal shot to pump out enough smoke for the ef­fect to re­ally work, as Tom was mov­ing at quite some pace.

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