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Aper­ture pri­or­ity

Ross says.. I rec­om­mended Andy shoot in Aper­ture Pri­or­ity mode, start­ing at f/5.6. This is to main­tain a fast shut­ter speed, es­pe­cially while ini­tially shoot­ing hand­held. A mid-range aper­ture like f/5.6 also al­lows a de­cent depth of field – enough to get the in­sect in fo­cus, at least. Even so, you may need to in­crease the ISO a lit­tle – Andy set ISO400, re­sult­ing in 1/500 sec, which is the sort of shut­ter speed you should be aim­ing for.

MATRI X Me­ter­ing

Ross says... At first, Andy had Spot me­ter­ing mode en­gaged, but I sug­gested he change to Ma­trix me­ter­ing in­stead. Af­ter con­cen­trat­ing on get­ting the right amount of depth of field, fo­cus­ing cor­rectly and a good com­po­si­tion, to then have to spot meter ac­cu­rately off such a small area of the scene is an un­nec­es­sary ex­tra you can do with­out. Ma­trix me­ter­ing is usu­ally un­can­nily ac­cu­rate, so you shouldn’t need any­thing else.


Ross says... Cor­rect cam­era op­er­a­tion is cru­cial to shoot­ing your minis­cule sub­jects from up close, with­out scar­ing them off. That’s why I showed Andy how to ap­proach a sub­ject first, be­fore tak­ing a pic­ture. Take gen­tle steps and make no sud­den move­ments to re­duce your im­pact on the an­i­mal as you ap­proach, and the hand should mimic the body, with slow, de­lib­er­ate move­ments on the bar­rel of the lens.

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