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NPhoto - - Over To You - David Pyke, via email

With peo­ple on dif­fer­ent bud­gets, I feel that many new Nikon DSLRs and lenses are out some peo­ple’s price range. That means buy­ing used equip­ment for many. I my­self use a sec­ond­hand Nikon D200, which cost me £80. I would like to see a re­view of older Nikon cam­eras, which are in lower price brack­ets, along with older lenses. Some­times, buy­ing sec­ond­hand is the only way for many of us to keep our pho­tog­ra­phy hobby go­ing. Much as I like your mag­a­zine, I think it could do more to in­clude hob­by­ist pho­tog­ra­phers on a bud­get. I’d like to see a monthly ar­ti­cle, en­ti­tled ‘Bar­gain base­ment’, or sim­i­lar. Nowhere in your com­par­i­son ar­ti­cles does it men­tion real­is­ti­cally cheap prices, when we all know these things are out there. I see, in N-Photo 73, there is a com­par­i­son of roller bags. Nowhere does it men­tion equiv­a­lent bags from B&M Bar­gains for about £40. Whilst I un­der­stand you may not want to en­dorse such prod­ucts, these are the prod­ucts that the pub­lic are us­ing and are per­fectly ac­cept­able in most cases. You can al­ways put up a dis­claimer that you take no re­spon­si­bil­ity for the qual­ity or longevity of said items. David R. Davies via email You’re to­tally right in say­ing that many pho­tog­ra­phers don’t have the bud­get for ex­pen­sive kit. While we don’t do any out­right tests on older gear, we do fea­ture ‘Sec­ond­hand Su­per­star’ in the Niko­pe­dia sec­tion (see page 89), which high­lights clas­sic older kit that’s avail­able for a frac­tion of the price of new kit. There’s also the Buyer’s Guide (p 124) that cov­ers a range of kit at sev­eral price lev­els. Also, the Nikon Skills sec­tion of­ten in­cludes bud­get-friendly photo projects, such as Ab­stract close-ups ( N-Photo 73) , Make your own Light­box ( N-Photo 74) or Show some artis­tic flare (see page 40).

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