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Crop and clone in sec­onds

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Tighten the com­po­si­tion Browse to clone_s­tart.NEF. Grab the Crop tool. Set As­pect Ra­tio to Photo Ra­tio. Drag the cor­ner han­dles to zoom in on the tower and loose some of the fore­ground shadow. Drag in­side the crop win­dow to place the tower at the left. When you’re happy with the com­po­si­tion, click Ap­ply Ra­tio. Re­move the shadow Use the Bird’s-Eye view to zoom in on the shadow, bot­tom-right. Click the Re­touch Brush icon in the tool­bar. In the Auto Re­touch Brush panel, set Size to 60. Scrib­ble over the un­wanted shadow. The tool will au­to­mat­i­cally sam­ple ad­ja­cent pix­els and place them over the shadow to hide it. BUST THE DUST Scroll up to the top of the frame and paint over the sen­sor spots that are par­tic­u­larly no­tice­able in the clear blue sky. The Auto Re­touch Brush will au­to­mat­i­cally sam­ple ad­ja­cent patches of sky and paste it over the spots to seam­lessly re­move them from the scene.

Re­move the post

Re­duce the brush size to 25. Paint over the flag post. As the post is close to com­plex tex­tures you may find that it is re­placed by an un­wanted brick tex­ture from the nearby build­ing. If this hap­pens, choose Edit>Undo. Try chang­ing the tip size and re­paint­ing the post un­til you get a bet­ter re­sult.

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