In Ma rch 2011, Lyns ey and her fell ow NewYorkTimes journalists were heldf or fi ve days by th e Libyan Army…

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“What hap­pened in Libya was ter­ri­fy­ing, but we lived and our driver did not, so I think the big­gest bur­den was the fact that our driver died and we are re­spon­si­ble for that. There’s no way around that. He was work­ing with us, he had warned us that it was time to leave and we did not. That’s the hard­est thing to deal with – it’s not nec­es­sar­ily the fact that I was tied up, or beaten up, or touched or groped. Yes, that’s dif­fi­cult but I chose to be there, that wasn’t like some­one forc­ing me to go to war to cover it. It was my de­ci­sion, I was very con­scious of what the risks were, so I won’t sit here for years and say, ‘Woe is me’, be­cause that was my choice.”

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