Me­ca­blitz 15 MS-1

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Kaiser’s ring light (left) is cer­tainly small, but by ditch­ing a com­man­der unit, the one-piece MS-1 is even more con­ve­nient, at just 35mm thick and 213g when loaded with a pair of AAA bat­ter­ies. There’s enough juice to fuel a max power of GN15, though, and the diminu­tive de­sign man­ages to in­cor­po­rate ad­justable light re­flec­tors, a sim­ple but ef­fec­tive LCD con­trol panel, and vari­able power dis­tri­bu­tion be­tween each bulb.

How­ever, with­out a hot­shoe­mounted com­man­der, the MS-1 re­lies on your cam­era’s pop-up flash to trans­mit TTL me­ter­ing sig­nals, which some en­try-level Nikon DSLRs aren’t ca­pa­ble of. For­tu­nately the flash can also be trig­gered by a sync ca­ble or a ba­sic pop-up flash, but only with man­ual power ad­just­ment. And if trig­ger­ing with your pop-up flash, you’ll need to cover it with the in­cluded IR fil­ter to keep its light off your sub­ject.

Metz bun­dles the MS-1 with a sync ca­ble, dif­fuser panel, and lens adap­tors in 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm and 72mm sizes.­

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