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Joe ex­plains how he shot two Wild West-in­spired por­traits with a very dif­fer­ent feel in just a few min­utes us­ing the same ba­sic light­ing set-up…

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Joe McNally on a Wild West shootout – us­ing a sim­ple light­ing set-up and Nikon DSLR

Fin­ished up a two-week stint at Santa Fe Work­shops, and had some won­der­ful folks in front of the lens for class demos. John Wayne Haynes has the clas­sic face that can only be ar­rived at af­ter years of cow­boy life (main im­age). Like­wise, Billy Manns (in­set). Both were shot stand­ing in the same place, with the same light­ing set-up.

The por­trait of John in B&W was done with one of my favourite com­bos, the D500 fit­ted with the 16-80mm DX. As a cam­era and lens duo, they’re a su­per-light and sharp tan­dem. The ver­ti­cal of Billy was shot with the D5 and a 105mm f/1.4 lens.

Pretty straight up, no frills light. Two 1x4 Pro­foto soft­boxes were placed right and left, and my sub­jects lived in be­tween. With Billy, be­cause Trey, his dog, chose to pose with him (he never moved, amaz­ingly won­der­ful pooch), we had to move the lights back a lit­tle bit to ac­com­mo­date the cam­era an­gle. With John, they were in much tighter.

I re­al­ized, when I shot the full-length por­trait of Billy to in­clude Trey and the grass, it gave the pic a bit more of a ‘stu­dio’ look and feel than I nor­mally go for out there in the world, but I ended up lik­ing it. It’s also shot at f/11, which means it’s way sharp. Both ses­sions were done back to back and be­cause I was teach­ing, and yakking my way through the ses­sions, they were very brief. Got Billy in front of cam­era for a first frame at 6.28 and was done at 6.34. The D500 por­trait of John was done in two min­utes, ac­cord­ing to the cam­era.

The light cam­era left was a Pro­foto B4, which is a won­drous mon­ster of a lo­ca­tion bat­tery unit; the light cam­era right was a B1, which is a go-to source out there away from elec­tric. Glad I had them both.

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