STEP BY STEP / Paint­ing by fil­ters

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

1 Make copies Back in Pho­to­shop, press Cmd/Ctrl+J three more times to make three du­pli­cates. Name the first one ‘Cutout’, the one above ‘Me­dian’, and the top one ‘Glow­ing Edges’. Click the eye icons to hide the top two lay­ers and high­light the ‘Cutout’ layer. 2 The cutout fil­ter Go to Fil­ter>Fil­ter Gallery. Click Artis­tic and choose Cutout. Press Cmd/Ctrl+0 to see the en­tire im­age in the pre­view win­dow. Set Edge Sim­plic­ity to 4, Fidelity to 2, then play with the Lev­els slider. Click OK, then click the Blend­ing Mode menu and choose Lu­mi­nos­ity.

3 The Me­dian fil­ter High­light and re­veal the ‘Me­dian’ layer by click­ing the eye sym­bol, then go to Fil­ter>Noise>Me­dian. Set the Ra­dius to about 12 pix­els. Change the blend­ing mode to Soft Light. Set Cutout to 22% Opac­ity and Me­dian to 50% Opac­ity. High­light and re­veal the ‘Glow­ing Edges’ layer. 4 Glow­ing edges Go to Fil­ter>Fil­ter Gallery. Choose Styl­ize>Glow­ing Edges and set Width to 3, Bright­ness to 7, and Smooth to 5. Next press Cmd/Ctrl+I to in­vert the tones, then Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+U to de­sat­u­rate the en­tire im­age. Fi­nally, change the blend­ing mode to Mul­ti­ply. 5 Hide messy edges Click the Add Layer Mask icon, then se­lect the Brush tool and set the colour to black. Paint on the mask to hide the sketch ef­fect over the hair and in any places where it looks a lit­tle messy. Press Cmd/ Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E to merge a copy of all the lay­ers. Name it ‘Paint­ing’. 6 Hide the layer Hold Cmd/Ctrl and click the New Layer icon to add a layer below the se­lected layer. Go to Edit>Fill, choose Use: White and click OK. Name the layer ‘White BG’. High­light the Paint­ing layer, then hold Alt and click the Add Layer Mask icon to add a full black mask. 7 Brush to re­veal Se­lect the Brush tool and set the colour to white. Open the Brush Pre­set Picker, then click the cog to open the fly­out menu. Load the Wet Me­dia brushes. Choose the Oil Medium Brush Wet Edges brush tip, press 4 for 40% brush opac­ity, then be­gin paint­ing to re­veal the im­age. 8 Add tex­ture To ran­dom­ize the brush strokes, change the Shape Dy­nam­ics Size and An­gle jit­ters. Fin­ish by adding tex­ture: Alt-click the New Layer icon, choose Mode: Over­lay and tick Fill. Go to Fil­ter>Fil­ter Gallery, choose Tex­ture>Tex­tur­izer, set Tex­ture to Can­vas, Scal­ing to 130, then OK.

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