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NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

1 Lighten the back­ground

Im­port our start im­age into Light­room, then go the De­velop mod­ule. Set Tem­per­a­ture to 4500, Tint to 0, Ex­po­sure to +0.36, High­lights to -14, Blacks to -21, and Vi­brance to +26. Next, go to the HSL Panel and click Lu­mi­nance. Grab the Tar­get tool from the top left, then click-and-drag up­wards on the back­ground to in­crease the Blue and Aqua slid­ers. Grab the Ad­just­ment Brush from the tool­bar.

2 Paint the coloured spots

Scroll up to the Ad­just­ment Brush slid­ers at the top of the right-hand side pan­els. Click the Color box and choose a pas­tel pink colour, then in­crease Ex­po­sure slightly to about 0.69. Go to the Brush Set­tings and set Size 17, Feather 100. Click in the im­age to set an edit pin, then click around to add spots of sub­tle colour, us­ing the square bracket keys to re­size your brush tip as you go.

3 Add more colours

Click New at the top, then go to the Color box and choose a dif­fer­ent colour, keep­ing to sub­tle pas­tel tones. Click around the im­age a few more times to add dif­fer­ent colour spots, build­ing up the ef­fect grad­u­ally. Click New again to set more edit pins for other colours. In­stead of the pas­tel neon look we’ve gone for, you might want to try pas­tels of one or two colours, such as red and pur­ple.

4 Ap­ply coloured gra­di­ents

Grab the Grad­u­ated Fil­ter from the tool­bar. Set sim­i­lar colour and ex­po­sure set­tings as be­fore, then drag in from the top-left cor­ner to add a grad­u­ated blend that starts off in the cor­ner and grad­u­ally falls off. Click in other ar­eas to add more coloured gra­di­ent ef­fects, ad­just­ing the colours as you go. It’s best to build up the ef­fects sub­tly. Take Snap­shots as you go, so you can com­pare dif­fer­ent ver­sions.

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