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How to make the tran­si­tion to shoot­ing with­out mir­rors

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With all the re­cent hype you can’t have failed to no­tice that Nikon has launched its new full-frame mir­ror­less ‘Z’ sys­tem. These cam­eras ditch the flip-up mir­ror assem­bly of tra­di­tional SLRS, in­stead dis­play­ing the im­age di­rect from the sen­sor in an elec­tronic viewfinder.

The dis­ad­van­tage with past elec­tronic viewfind­ers (EVFS) has been that they just haven’t been as clear as the op­ti­cal viewfinder of SLRS. But with ever-im­prov­ing ‘retina’ dis­play tech­nol­ogy you may not be able to tell the dif­fer­ence; the Z sys­tem’s 3.69 mil­lion-dot EVF packs in more pix­els than ever and, com­bined with a nippy ‘re­fresh’ rate, is all but in­dis­tin­guish­able from an op­ti­cal viewfinder.

But how easy is it to switch from a DSLR to a mir­ror­less ma­chine? We com­pare the new Z7 to the D850 – the DSLR it most closely matches in terms of res­o­lu­tion and func­tion­al­ity – and ex­plore the ad­just­ments you’ll need to make in or­der to shoot with your new sys­tem.

You do have to get used to a new way of shoot­ing with Nikon’s new mir­ror­less range of Z sys­tem cam­eras, but with a few mi­nor ad­just­ments it soon feels sec­ond na­ture. DSLRS will be with us for a while yet, but with the elec­tronic viewfinder of­fer­ing so many ad­van­tages and few draw­backs, the fu­ture looks to be mir­ror­less…

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