Method one / Bal­ance light with aper­ture


1 Ex­pose for am­bi­ent light

Set Man­ual mode and ex­pose for your scene with just am­bi­ent light un­til you at­tain a bal­anced ex­po­sure. We set­tled on our aper­ture at f/5, a shut­ter speed of 1/250 sec (our cam­era’s max sync speed), and ISO100.

2 Un­der­ex­pose the scene

Next, un­der­ex­pose your scene by about one stop by nar­row­ing the aper­ture. For us that meant chang­ing it to f/7.1. No other set­tings should change; shut­ter speed and ISO re­main the same at 1/250 sec and ISO100.

3 Add your flash

With the flash cam­era-left aim­ing at the sub­ject, set the flash to Man­ual and in­crease the flash­gun power un­til it ex­poses the sub­ject per­fectly. Make sure the light doesn’t spill onto the back­ground.

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