Bet­ter than Pho­to­shop?


There are a cou­ple of places where Affin­ity Photo does de­feat Pho­to­shop. One neat touch is non­de­struc­tive re­siz­ing. In Pho­to­shop, lay­ers must be con­verted to Smart Ob­jects to do this, but in Affin­ity Photo it’s the de­fault, so lay­ers can be re­sized larger or smaller with no loss in qual­ity. An­other ex­cel­lent fea­ture is Live Pre­views. Found within sev­eral tools, it gives you an idea of how an ef­fect will look be­fore you’ve added it, which saves on end­less un­do­ing and re­do­ing. Best of all is the Live Brush pre­view, which shows ex­actly how the brush will ap­ply colour, in­clud­ing any opac­ity or blend mode set­tings. Hand­ily, it works when paint­ing layer masks too.

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