WHY NOT TRY / Use a smoke ma­chine out­doors

Why not take your fog ma­chine out­side to add shafts of misty sun­light to your land­scape scenes?


Fog ma­chines and smoke ma­chines aren’t only use­ful for adding at­mos­phere to in­te­ri­ors, we can also take them out­doors to cre­ate misty land­scapes.

But por­ta­ble fog ma­chines can be ex­pen­sive, so we used a power in­verter at­tached to a car bat­tery to en­able us to plug in our mains-pow­ered fog ma­chine while out and about in the woods.

We need to find an an­gle where the fog is back­lit by the sun while it’s low in the sky at ei­ther dusk or dawn.

The fog that a ma­chine like this pro­duces is very light and it dis­si­pates quite quickly, so it won’t be able to stand a hint of wind. As such, it’s best to try this on a still wind­less day or in a shel­tered lo­ca­tion.

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