Toy­ota leader of the pack


RECORD new ve­hi­cle sales for Septem­ber, driven by small cars and com­pact SUV’s, saw Toy­ota main­tain its ef­fort­less as­cen­dancy and an old Aus­tralian favourite sink fur­ther into ir­rel­e­vancy.

Aus­tralians bought 85,054 cars, SUV’s and trucks last month. That’s 6923 units, or 8.9 per cent, up on Septem­ber last year.

It also eclipses by al­most 600 sales the five-year-old Septem­ber record.

The year-to-date 2010 mar­ket of 780,720 ve­hi­cles is run­ning ahead of the same pe­riod in 2009 by 14.5 per cent or 98,746 sales.

Toy­ota is — as ever — the mar­ket leader, fol­lowed by Holden and Mazda. Year-to­date Toy­ota leads Holden with a mar­gin of 56,369 ve­hi­cle sales, or 7.2 mar­ket share points.

While the Com­modore re­mains the best-sell­ing model with 4038, the Mazda3 — whose vol­ume, un­like Holden, con­tains no fleet busi­ness — is by far the car on which Aus­tralians pre­fer to spend their own money, with 3878 sales.

But it could not be a grim­mer re­turn for Com­modore’s tra­di­tional ri­val.

Even in a month when most of the top 10 brands in­creased vol­ume, Ford’s Fal­con slumped to sixth and the Blue Oval brand ran fourth over­all.

To com­pound the pain, Holden’s soon to be lo­cally man­u­fac­tured Cruze also out­sold the Fal­con by 2432 to 2265. Ford’s lack of sale­scom­pet­i­tive small and medium cars bit them, with the large car mar­ket on which it is over re­liant fall­ing by 729 units or more than 8 per cent. Nev­er­the­less Ford re­mains third over­all in yearto-date terms.

By con­trast, the small, light, and medium seg­ment in­creased as did all SUV seg­ments ex­cept the large class. Com­pact SUV’s con­tinue their rise, the class ris­ing al­most 54 per cent or 3509 units last month.

The Mazda3 was a pop­u­lar choice for Aus­tralians in Septem­ber with 3878 sales

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