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IPE off 10 and you could save $10,000 a year.

Sca­nia says re­duc­ing max­i­mum cruis­ing speeds from 100km/h to 90km/h could re­sult in mas­sive sav­ings for in­ter­state heavy haulers in Aus­tralia.

It has just com­pleted a real world test us­ing two of its top-line R560 V8s run­ning as b-dou­bles of 59 tonnes GCM (the to­tal weight of the truck and its load), driven over 1536km.

Run­ning from Mel­bourne to Syd­ney, one truck ran with its speed lim­iter set at 100km/h while the other was lim­ited to 90km/h. The roles were re­versed on the re­turn leg to en­sure con­sis­tency.

Sca­nia found that the truck trav­el­ling at 100km/h used 45 litres more fuel on its way from Mel­bourne to Syd­ney than the 90km/h truck. The num­bers were 494 litres ver­sus 449 litres.

The gap was not so great on the re­turn jour­ney to Mel­bourne, with the faster truck us­ing 11 litres more than the other ve­hi­cle, with fuel con­sump­tion of 486 litres ver­sus 475 litres.

Sca­nia points out that an op­er­a­tor run­ning the truck be­tween Mel­bourne and Syd­ney five times a week with a limit of 90km/h in­stead of 100km/h could save $10,000 on ev­ery truck ev­ery year.

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