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Q: My 1999 Toy­ota RAV4 keeps jump­ing out of fifth gear when driv­ing along. It’s done 210,000 km. What do you think the prob­lem could be?

Alex South­ern, e-mail.

A: This is a known prob­lem with the RAV4 and we’re told Toy­ota has an up­grade kit avail­able to fix it.

Con­tact your dealer and ask them to up­grade your car.

Q: About a week ago my 2005 Toy­ota RAV4 Cruiser popped out of fifth gear and now will not stay in.

One me­chanic said I’d need a new gear­box, so did Toy­ota, but an­other said I needed a fifth gear up­grade kit.

When Toy­ota was given the VIN of my car they told the me­chanic that an up­grade kit is not avail­able for it as they had fixed the is­sue in the newer mod­els and it doesn’t hap­pen any longer.

I cur­rently have no fifth gear, and would like to get it fixed. What are­my­op­tions?

Re­becca Chilcott, e-mail.

A: It would seem that the prob­lem might not have been fixed as Toy­ota claims. Go back to your dealer and de­mand it be fixed.

Q: I re­call read­ing many com­plaints about the front sus­pen­sion ball joints wear­ing and some­times even break­ing on the Ford Ter­ri­tory.

Has Ford fixed the prob­lem?

Bill Gor­don, e-mail. A:

The com­plaints have dried up since the re­lease of the new model in 2009, which had a num­ber of front sus­pen­sion re­vi­sions.

From that we can only as­sume that the prob­lem has been fixed.

What we have been told is that Ford head­quar­ters is­sued an edict that no ball joint sus­pen­sion would ever again be de­signed in which the ball joint was un­der ten­sion as it was in the Ter­ri­tory.

Ford was coy about the ball joint prob­lem in pub­lic, but pri­vately we suspect they copped a ma­jor scare over the is­sue.

Q: The brake pedal in my 2005 Toy­ota Prado feels soft to me, such that I am not con­fid- ent that the brakes will do the job in an emer­gency when I’m tow­ingmy­car­a­van.

My Toy­ota dealer de­clared it was OK af­ter test­ing it, but the prob­lem per­sists.

I can’t be­lieve the dealer said.

Bob Koitka, Red­cliffe, Qld.




A: We have been told that some soft­ness is a char­ac­ter­is­tic of the Prado, and de­spite this un­cer­tain feel­ing the brakes do work and stop the car ef­fec­tively.

We have also been told that there is an is­sue with the brake mas­ter cylin­der and Toy­ota has been re­plac­ing them un­der war­ranty.

I would sug­gest you quiz your dealer about the mas­ter cylin­der is­sue and re­quest that he checks yours.

Q: Re­cently while driv­ing along in my 2008 Nis­san Navara ST-X turbo diesel the Diesel Par­tic­u­late Fil­ter (DPF) light came on, and this usu­ally means the ex­haust will do a burn off of ex­cess fuel.

The light stayed on for about 500km, so I knew there was a prob­lem with it.

Sud­denly out of the blue I had a huge loss of power and could not go over 80 km/h when try­ing to do a burn off.

I also found that I could not get over 30 km/h go­ing up some hills.

Apart from caus­ing other traf­fic prob­lems and get­ting the rude fin­ger from a few driv­ers, I think this should be brought to the at­ten­tion of fu­ture pur­chasers of the Nis­san Navara ST-X diesels.

Can you see a sce­nario where you think it is safe to en­ter traf­fic and then find there is no power for you to flow into the traf­fic?

A. Andrew, e-mail.

A: The light staying il­lu­mi­nated should have told you that there was a prob­lem with the ve­hi­cle that needed the at­ten­tion of the dealer.

When that didn’t hap­pen it even­tu­ally went into limp home mode, that’s when you lost per­for­mance.

It re­ally shouldn’t have got to that stage.

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