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Q: My 2010 Ford Ter­ri­tory has de­vel­oped a dron­ing noise when trav­el­ling at 78 to 82km/h that has steadily be­come more au­di­ble. My Ford dealer di­ag­nosed the prob­lem as a trans­mis­sion fault and re­placed the auto trans, but the drone per­sists as be­fore which sug­gests that the trans­mis­sion was not at fault. My dealer now says the noise is due to con­verter lock-up and it is nor­mal, but if it wors­ens they will in­ves­ti­gate fur­ther. What do you think? John Rowe, e-mail. A: It’s not nor­mal; some­thing is wrong with the car and needs fur­ther in­ves­ti­ga­tion to find the cause. The dealer has lost in­ter­est in your car and is try­ing to fob you off. I sug­gest the dealer needs to check the driv­e­line and maybe even the diffs.

Q: When should I have the fuel pump and in­jec­tors inmy4.2-litre Nis­san Pa­trol ser­viced? It’s done 180,000km. Joe McK­ean, e-mail. A: There is no sched­uled main­te­nance on the Pa­trol’s pump or in­jec­tors, and our Nis­san ex­perts tell us

The dealer has lost in­ter­est in your car and is try­ing to fob you off.

the pump and in­jec­tors are very durable. They add that they have ve­hi­cles they ser­vice that have done well over 300,000km with­out any ser­vic­ing on the fuel sys­tem.

Q: For the last few months my 2005 Honda Ac­cord Euro auto has been us­ing 12-13.5 litres/100km in city type driv­ing whereas it was nor­mally us­ing around 8-9 litres/100km. I have re­placed air fil­ters. The Honda dealer has re­set the com­puter a cou­ple of times and rec­om­mended that I in­crease the tyre pres­sure to 36 psi. Other than that they don’t seem to know what the prob­lem is. The mo­tor is run­ning as smooth as silk. The only other thing I can think of is

sen­sor. What the CO think? Robert Bar­low, e-mail. A: Honda claimed an over­all av­er­age of 9.2 litres/100km, but that’s de­rived from a lab test and not real life. Even so, it should be an in­di­ca­tion of what you could ex­pect, and that seems to be mir­rored by your re­al­life re­sults. It’s prob­a­bly run­ning rich and your the­ory of a faulty CO sen­sor could be on the money. Your dealer should be able to check it and say if it’s a prob­lem..

Q: I pur­chased a 2004 Toy­ota Land­cruiser 100 se­ries last year. It had done over 200,000 km and had no war­ranty with it, but af­ter buy­ing it I dis­cov­ered that the



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