Fu­ture lies with smaller, smarter


THE T6 en­gine in the Volvo S60 Per­for­mance Project will be among the last of its kind.

Fi­nal drinks are be­ing called for the thirsty six and eight-cylin­der en­gines in the Swedish car­mak­ers line-up.

Volvo says its fu­ture lies in more ef­fi­cient four, three and even two-cylin­der units, with power lev­els raised by tech­nol­ogy such as tur­bocharg­ing, su­per­charg­ing and the ad­di­tion of elec­tric mo­tors.

Global CEO Ste­fan Ja­coby says the smaller, smarter en­gines are the only sen­si­ble way to go.

‘‘This is a log­i­cal step only en­gi­neer log­i­cally for four

We­can with tech­nol­ogy get the same per­for­mance as a high-per­for­mance six-cylin­der en­gine

cylin­ders,’’ he says. ‘‘We can with a modern top-of-the­class en­gine tech­nol­ogy get the same per­for­mance as a high-per­for­mance six­cylin­der en­gine.

‘‘The tech­nol­ogy avail­able brings you the same fun to drive as with the classical six or eight cylin­ders.

‘‘The time of (six and eight) cylin­ders are over. It goes into the di­rec­tion of four cylin­ders or even two cylin­ders which are pow­ered by tur­bocharg­ers and twin-charg­ers and com­pres­sors these things.’’

The four-cylin­der wave will come in with the ar­rival of a mod­u­lar plat­form strat­egy, called Scal­able Plat­form Ar­chi­tec­ture. This can be adapted for ve­hi­cles across the en­tire range.

Some aspects of the SPA plat­form will be seen in the ex­tended C30 ar­chi­tec­ture used for the new V40 that will ar­rive next year to start edg­ing out the S40 and V50, but the first ve­hi­cle to be fully based on the new de­vel­op­ment will be the 2014 re­place­ment for the age­ing XC90 SUV.



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