Cli­mate tests put brakes on new hy­brid Pugs


AUS­TRALIA will have to wait for Peu­geot to per­form hot weather test­ing on its two hy­brid mod­els be­fore we get them here.

Peu­geot has a 3008h Hy­brid4 avail­able over­seas and is plan­ning to re­lease the 508 RXH diesel-hy­brid.

But Peu­geot Au­to­mo­biles Aus­tralia spokes­woman Jae­dene Hudson says nei­ther is yet con­firmed for Aust- ralia un­til hot weather test­ing has been com­pleted. She could not con­firm where the hot weather test­ing is be­ing done. ‘‘They haven’t come out here yet, but that’s not to say that they won’t,’’ she says.

‘‘Once that is com­pleted we can de­cide when we can take them.

‘‘We might take one, or both, or none.’’

Peu­geot only sells the ‘‘mild hy­brid’’ 508 and 308 which have fuel-sav­ing auto stop-start sys­tems.

Ms Hudson says fu­el­ef­fi­cient diesel mod­els are pop­u­lar, rep­re­sent­ing a large seg­ment of their sales.

‘‘We were among the first with diesel tech­nol­ogy and we continue to de­velop and re­de­velop the tech­nol­ogy,’’ she says.

Sales of Peu­geot are down 15.6 per cent this year to 2554, but she says they are not pan­ick­ing. ‘‘We had a lot of stuff to sort out at the start of the year with demo mod­els,’’ she says.

‘‘We sold a lot of demos which are not counted in the of­fi­cial fig­ures be­cause they’re not new re­gos. We’ve now re­freshed our demo fleet and there are plenty of demo mod­els avail­able,’’ Ms Hudson says.

She says the early sup­ply prob­lems for the new 4008 com­pact SUV have been rec­ti­fied and sales are on track for 900 by the year end. She also ex­pects the new 208 com­ing in Oc­to­ber to fin­ish the year off with a high.

The slightly big­ger and 150kg lighter 208 fea­tures a new 1.2-litre three-cylin­der engine, plus a new in­te­rior with touch screen, re­de­vel­oped smaller and lower steer­ing wheel and a higher dash­board ‘‘so you don’t take the eyes off the road as much’’, she says.

Aus­tralia will not be get- ting the 408 to be re­leased in Novem­ber, leav­ing a gap left by the de­par­ture of the 407.

We also won’t get the 301 which is only to be pro­duced as a left-hand drive.

How­ever, we may get the Ur­ban Cross­over Con­cept which de­buted at the Bei­jing mo­tor show in April.

It’s built off the 208 plat­form and is smaller than the 4008. She says if it goes into pro­duc­tion it will be the kind of car Aussies want.

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