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THERE are very, very few ads on tele­vi­sion that are gen­uinely worth watch­ing on their own merit, but I’ve gotta say the re­cent ads for the VW Up re­ally do make me smile.

The young guy, with his Grandad — funny and clever, a hu­mor­ous en­dear­ing ad.

Along with the ad there is a heck of a lot to like about this new, nifty lit­tle car.

Ac­cord­ing to the lat­est fig­ures al­most ev­ery sec­ond Aus­tralian that has pur­chased a car in the last few years is al­ready con­sid­er­ing down­siz­ing their ve­hi­cle to save more of the house­hold bud­get— en­ter the Up.

I was ini­tially re­minded of an old bumper sticker I once saw on the back of a V8 ute that read ‘‘Only milk and orange juice comes in two and three litres’’ — hav­ing said that, this car with just a one-litre engine is eco­nom­i­cal and most ef­fi­cient around town, yet fast with a smooth, quiet ride out­side the Dar­win metropoli­tan area head­ing out to, say, Noonamah and the ru­ral area.

Af­ter in­sert­ing the key into the vice-like grip of the ig­ni­tion bar­rel and turn­ing, you can hardly hear the engine when it ‘‘fires’’ up.

Gear changes are smooth and ef­fort­less, thanks to the sporty look­ing gear­stick.

The in­di­ca­tor stalk is on the left hand side, but I was bet­ter pre­pared this time around, so there were no sud­den droll move­ments of the wipers in­stead of in­di­cat­ing an up­com­ing turn.

Re­mem­ber the old Bugs Bunny car­toons when Elmer Fudd chases him down a nar­row rab­bit hole— once inside the bur­row, it is im­pos­si­bly cav­ernous and much more spa­cious than it seems from the out­side.

Thus it is with this ve­hi­cle, an al­most star­tling amount of room for such a small car.

It looks the part, too, with lines and a shape that is des­tined to be­come a clas­sic in the years to come.

When I went to re­trieve the ve­hi­cle from a carpark, there was an in­stant of mild panic, as I thought the car had been stolen — it was merely tucked be­tween a GXL Prado and Com­modore and there­fore al­most in­vis­i­ble to the naked eye,


The new VW Up is a nifty lit­tle car with a one-litre en­gine

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