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Q: The sus­pen­sion on my 2010 Nis­san Navara SD22 dual-cab is re­ally harsh on any­thing other than smooth bi­tu­men roads and as well as be­ing un­com­fort­able to ride in, it will even­tu­ally shake the ve­hi­cle to pieces. The ser­vice man­ager at my dealer says that the sus­pen­sion is nat­u­rally firm on this model — but when I took it to Ped­ders, they said they get a lot of this par­tic­u­lar model in for up­graded shocks and sus­pen­sion and that it makes a big dif­fer­ence once it’s done. In ad­di­tion, the orig­i­nal Bridge­stone Du­eller tyres will need re­plac­ing by the next ser­vice (40,000km) which is a short life span . Have you had any sim­i­lar com­plaints and do you reckon I have any call on Nis­san ? Bill Smith, email. A: In a word, no. The D22 is a hard-rid­ing old barge and you should have re­alised that be­fore you bought it. You could try car­ry­ing some load in it; that should soften the ride some­what — oth­er­wise fit the Ped­ders sus­pen­sion.

You could try car­ry­ing some load in it; that should soften the ride some­what — oth­er­wise fit the Ped­ders sus­pen­sion

Q: The steer­ing wheel in my 2009 VW Touareg TDI sits at twenty-to-two in­stead of quar­ter-to-three de­spite the ef­forts of the var­i­ous tyre and 4WD places that have tried to align it for me. No one has been able get the steer­ing wheel to sit straight and have the wheels cor­rectly aligned. The car pulls slightly to the left all the time. Where could I take it to get some­one to give the car a thor­ough in­spec­tion to see if there is any­thing amiss with the steer­ing or the sus­pen­sion? Nigel Fos­ter, email. A: Take it to a sus­pen­sion spe­cial­ist, not a tyre place, but some­one who knows about sus­pen­sions and have them mea­sure the wheel­base on each side and the di­ag­o­nals to see if some­thing is wrong with the chas­sis it­self.

Q: My new VW Caddy re­fuses to change gears from first to sec­ond when I am go­ing up­hill from stand­ing and I have taken to chang­ing man­u­ally to over­come it. The dealer says there’s noth­ing wrong but I think it’s dan­ger­ous as I have to fid­dle with the gearshift to get up to speed. What do you think that I should I do? Alan Shel­don, email. A: Take the dealer for a ride and demon­strate what it is you are con­cerned about.

Q: Re­cently, my 2010 Ford FG G6E Turbo has been dis­play­ing a warn­ing light on the in­stru­ment clus­ter in­di­cat­ing a DSC and ABS fault. This seems to hap­pen in­ter­mit­tently. The faults are over­come af­ter the car is turned off and restarted. My Ford dealer hasn’t been able to find the cause of the prob­lem. What do you think it could it be? An­dre, NSW. A: Be­ing in­ter­mit­tent, it’s dif­fi­cult to find the cause, even us­ing the di­ag­nos­tic equip­ment the dealer has in his work­shop. It’s pos­si­bly a sen­sor mal­func­tion­ing.

Q: Lately, when I go to start my 2007 Ford XR6 it won’t start. It’s like the bat­tery is flat, so I turn the key to the off po­si­tion and try again, and it then starts. Any ideas?

Kyle, email.

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