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Q: Tell Evonne (Cars­guide, Sept) that the prob­lem on her 2006 2.0 FSI Golf is the valve body in the gear­box and is a about a $3000 fix at a trans­mis­sion spe­cial­ist. I know be­cause I had the same prob­lem and was also quoted $7000 by VW who told me the box was shot. The tranny spe­cial­ist in­formed me if I let the prob­lem continue it would even­tu­ally lead to ir­repara­ble dam­age to the gear­box. I chose to let the spe­cial­ist fix it, which they did in one day. I notice the prob­lem is com­mon with Golfs, and Audi A3s and TTs – so com­mon that in the US it is fixed free, even out­side war­ranty. Andy, e-mail. A: We also heard from Rick Pringle, of J. Pringle Au­to­mo­tive, in Mel­bourne, who told us that it is a prob­lem with the valve body, which needs to be re­placed. It is com­mon on all Aisin Warner six-speed trans­mis­sions, he says, and it can be fixed with­out re­mov­ing the trans­mis­sion from the car.

Q: I bought my Nis­san Pa­trol 4.2 turbo-diesel ST Ute new in 2006. Now, with 97,000km on the clock, I find the white paint flak­ing off in patches. Spray painters I have con­sulted say that it ap­pears the white coat has not ad­hered to the un­der­coat. I have kept the ute in very good con­di­tion and it is well main­tained, cleaned and pol­ished, and has never been pres­sure-sprayed. What are my chances of a claim against Nis­san, and whom could I ap­proach about the prob­lem? Des Hughes, e-mail. A: Start with your dealer and ask for a fac­tory rep­re­sen­ta­tive to in­spect the car. If that ap­proach isn’t suc­cess- ful, go straight to Nis­san head­quar­ters in Mel­bourne and talk di­rectly to the cus­tomer as­sis­tance peo­ple. It would also help if you had a re­port from a paint spe­cial­ist that backs your con­tention about the white top­coat not ad­her­ing to the un­der­coat.

Q: We are in dire straits re­gard­ing the auto trans­mis­sion in our 2004 VW Trans­porter T5. When the van had done around 70,000-80,000km we no­ticed some un­usual gear changes and odd be­hav­ior. I asked our VW dealer about hav­ing it ser­viced and, to my sur­prise, was told that it was ‘‘sealed for life’’ and could not be ser­viced. The ser­vice ad­viser then told me if I wanted it fixed I would need to re­place the whole auto box at a cost of $8000-plus at the time. The cost is now $11,000. VW was no help at all; they just told me that our dealer was the best place to get a prob­lem fixed. Now, VW has said they ‘‘should’’ be ser­viced at 60,000km as Aus­tralia has been de­clared a hot cli­mate coun­try, which con­tra­dicts what I was told some time ago about ser­vic­ing the ve­hi­cle. Seven weeks ago, the van was at VW for an­other prob­lem and they said they would now ser­vice the auto and ap­ply a soft­ware up­date that would solve some prob­lems. Well, 5km from the deal­er­ship, it failed

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