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Q: Ever since new the sus­pen­sion on my Holden Cruze has rat­tled, es­pe­cially over cor­ru­ga­tions. Is this nor­mal for this model, and if so is there any easy fix? Would fit­ting more pli­able 17-inch tyres help? I have not men­tioned my con­cerns to my dealer, but as the car is com­ing to the end of its war­ranty pe­riod maybe I should get my con­cerns on record. What do you think? Michael Mor­ris, email. A: If it’s a metal­lic noise it could be a bush is­sue. If it’s a non-metal­lic thump then it could sim­ply be noise of the tyres hit­ting the cor­ru­ga­tions as they go over them. Fit­ting higher pro­file tyres could re­duce the noise, but you need to be care­ful about af­fect­ing the speedo read­out if you do change to a dif­fer­ent pro­file tyre. I would cer­tainly talk to your dealer about it.

Q: The Jeep Wran­gler 2-door 3.8-litre in 2010 has been us­ing on aver­age three litres of oil be­tween ser­vices. Each time I have the ve­hi­cle ser­viced I have to pur­chase an ad­di­tional 3.6 litres to top it up. I have been in con­stant touch with the dealer I bought it from, Jeep Aus­tralia and the NSW Depart­ment of Fair Trad­ing. Jeep Aus­tralia has told me that this is a nor­mal amount of oil us­age per 1000 km, which I find dif­fi­cult to ac­cept. My daugh­ter has a 2010 Jeep Wran­gler 2-door 3.8-litre and her ve­hi­cle uses be­tween 100 to 200ml of oil be­tween ser­vices. The war­ranty ex­pired in March this year and the prob­lem from my view is get­ting worse.

What can you sug­gest I do? Robert Spratt, email. A: As you have tried all av­enues open to you, the dealer, the man­u­fac­turer and the con­sumer af­fairs peo­ple, the only course left open to you is to take di­rect le­gal ac­tion. Be­fore you do, how­ever, I would sug­gest you go back to the dealer and ask to see a rep­re­sen­ta­tive from Jeep so you can sit down and dis­cuss your con­cerns face to face.

Q: The au­to­matic trans­mis­sion in my 2010 Com- modore SV6 was re­placed re­cently af­ter de­vel­op­ing a fault. Is this a known fault? Do you think I will have this prob­lem again? Is fit­ting an ex­ter­nal cooler an op­tion? What mileage should the trans­mis­sion be ser­viced? Roger Hec­tor, Melton, Vic. A: There’s no wide­spread is­sue with the trans­mis­sion, but like ev­ery­thing they can have trou­bles. Its im­pos­si­ble to say if the new trans­mis­sion will give you any trou­ble, con­sult your crys­tal ball for that one. Fit­ting an ex­ter­nal cooler won’t help if the cause of the trans­mis­sion fail­ure was re­lated to over­heat­ing. In the­ory the trans­mis­sion was filled-for-life at the fac­tory and doesn’t need ser­vic­ing, but auto trans­mis­sion ex­perts will tell you its wise to have the trans­mis­sion reg­u­larly ser­viced, pos­si­bly once a year, par­tic­u­larly if you are tow­ing.

Q: I was aware that my one-year-old Holden Cap­tiva LX diesel 7-seater was leak­ing a bit of engine oil, how­ever, af­ter a closer in- spec­tion via Holden, it’s also leak­ing wa­ter and trans­mis­sion fluid around the engine area. It needs to have the engine re­moved and will be off the road for five to six days. Are you aware of this mat­ter, or in­deed has any­one else ex­pe­ri­enced this prob­lem with the Cap­tiva? Liam, email. A: There has been an is­sue with the front seal on the diesel engine and the seal is be­ing re­placed. The prob­lem seems to be that the engine has to be re­moved to re­place it.

Q: My 2009 Toy­ota Camry Al­tise 2.4 has just blown a head gas­ket af­ter 130,000km. Just prior to its 30,000km ser­vice it had a com­plete cool­ing sys­tem fail­ure at high­way speed and had to be towed to the near­est dealer. The mo­tor has never been the same since. I ad­vised the dealer that this was the case in doc­u­mented ser­vice notes, and that the mo­tor had de­vel­oped a ping, but we were as­sured ev­ery­thing was OK. It was raised

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