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Q: The dread­ful noise, shak­ing and rock hard bounc­ing was so bad in my new Ford Ter­ri­tory that I had to stop at the near­est Ford dealer. They said there was noth­ing they could do. It was so bad my wife had to rent a car to get the chil­dren home. The tyre noise is deaf­en­ing and might be fixed with bet­ter qual­ity tyres, but could you please rec­om­mend a so­lu­tion for the shak­ing and bounc­ing? Keith Wright, e-mail. A: Your first stop should be at the dealer who sold you that car. Show him the things you’re con­cerned about and re­quest some­thing be done about it. If that fails to get a so­lu­tion ap­proach Ford di­rectly. At the same time you could take it to a sus­pen­sion spe­cial­ist and have them check it over for you.

Q: The 3.6-litre SIDI engine on my 2011 VE Com­modore Se­ries 2 SV6 seems to be us­ing a lot of oil. It’s only done 24,705km and was last ser­viced in Au­gust at 15,215km when ev­ery­thing checked out, but when I read that an­other reader re­ported prob­lems I de­cided I would check. The car has no vis­i­ble leaks and it was then parked on a level sur­face and the engine al­lowed to cool for 20 min­utes. There has been no warn­ing on the dash, but on check­ing the dip­stick I found it dry and not a bit of oil, so I put in three litres and the dip­stick reg­is­tered that it then had a proper level of oil. What is your ad­vice about this? Wes White, e-mail. A: We have had a few re­ports of oil burn­ing with the Holden V6. To start with run a check of the con­sump­tion by top­ping it up and then check­ing it weekly for a pe­riod, say 5000km, and mea­sure how much oil has been used. If it is high, as you sus­pect, take your find­ings to your dealer and ask for some ac­tion to be taken to fix it.

Q: My 2012 Hyundai ix35 Elite has static on sev­eral FM sta­tions. I took it to my lo­cal Hyundai ser­vice cen­tre last May to have them fix a few things, among them the ra­dio sta- tic. They re­placed the an­tenna, but it was no bet­ter. I was told the sta­tions I lis­ten to are small and their trans­mit­ters aren’t very strong, and there was noth­ing more they could do. It was sug­gested I should ring Hyundai Aus­tralia, which I did and I was told they would look into it. When I didn’t hear back I con­tacted Hyundai again and was told there was noth­ing more they could do. I told him about the Nis­san Pul­sar I traded in on the ix35 had bet­ter re­cep­tion and a friend’s Kia Ma­gen­tis picked up th­ese sta­tions bet­ter. I even of­fered to pur­chase a bet­ter ra­dio if they had one, but was told there wasn’t one. Diane Tait, e-mail. A: We’ve had a few re­ports of poor ra­dio re­cep­tion on Hyundais. Your best course of ac­tion would be to con­sult a ra­dio spe­cial­ist who should be able to fit a bet­ter an­tenna.

Q: With ref­er­ence to Michael Mor­ris’s con­cerns over a rat­tle in front-end in his Holden Cruze (

17/05/13) on rough



roads I had the same prob­lem with­my­car. My­dealer re­placed the top strut bush as­sem­blies, which cured the prob­lem and was cov­ered un­der war­ranty. Robert Jack­son, e-mail. A: Sounds like it could be a cure, but as you see from Alan Driscoll’s e-mail on the same sub­ject there could be more than one rat­tle and more than one cure.

Q: Like Michael Mor­ris ( 17/05/13) we had rat­tle in our 2011 Holden Cruze SRI. It was in the rear and sounded like a shocker knock when on un­made roads with cor­ru­ga­tions. On a trip to the Flin­ders Ranges I no­ticed it stopped when I lightly ap­plied the brakes, so when we got to Bro­ken Hill the dealer there had a look. It was found the rear calipers had too much play in their slides. I thought about tak­ing it up with Holden di­rect be­cause I be­lieve it’s an in­cor­rect man­u­fac­tur­ing tol­er­ance. What do you think? Alan Driscoll, e-mail. A: By all means take it up


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