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QUICK CLUES ACROSS 1 Most im­por­tant 7 Wise bird 8 Amazed 9 Go down 10 A seed plant 13 Ex­tol 15 Large rep­tile 17 Felons 18 Com­pete 19 Dwellers DOWN 1 Glue 2 Unusual 3 Un­prin­ci­pled types 4 Not happy 5 Walk shak­ily 6 Ap­plauds 11 Typewriter bar 12 Over 14 Ab­nor­mal lumps 16 Make aware CRYPTIC CLUES ACROSS 1 Nor­mal lot can be most im­por­tant 7 Night flier seen as head­less fowl 8 Drips sure to be­come amazed 9 Go down daily in per­son

first 10 Food plant let in lieu

start­ing change 13 Ex­press ap­proval for

per­son with pay in­crease 15 Woman’s wrap for a

leg­less one 17 Run in claims about

peo­ple who break the law 18 Be in com­pe­ti­tion with six

be­fore the end 19 Leases round lat­eral parts

for lo­cal dwellers DOWN 1 A step taken in pro­duc­ing dough 2 Un­com­mon part af­ter a re­ces­sion 3 Men rise with care about hired sol­diers 4 Use it if sand causes one to be lack­ing ful­fil­ment 5 Let move around odd un­steady walk 6 Shows ap­pre­ci­a­tion for re­sound­ing blows 11 One mak­ing room for key­board sym­bol 12 Some drab over­alls can be higher than oth­ers 14 Tropic May days let bod­ies fin­ish with un­wanted fluid sacs 16 Give no­tice of trou­ble with cau­tion

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