Banned drinker

BDR scan­ner’s un­usual fail


GO home BDR you’re drunk.

Dar­win’s Jake Shan­non popped to the Cav bot­tlo to pick up some booze re­cently but when he handed over his li­cence, it gave him the rather more ex­otic moniker “A Dsis of Swin”.

It also wound back the clock, tak­ing his age down from 30 to 10, sadly too young to buy his grog.

“(The bot­tlo at­ten­dant) scanned it and was then like ‘this shit has been hap­pen­ing all week since we got th­ese scan­ners’,” said Mr Shan­non

“I asked if I could have a look and saw what it said. It wasn’t even close. I said ‘do you mind if I take a photo to show some friends’ and ev­ery­one thought it was hi­lar­i­ous.”

For­tu­nately, the bot­tlo at­ten­dant agreed Mr Shan­non looked closer to 30 than 10 and sold him the booze by man­u­ally in­putting his details into the reg­is­ter. scan­ner,

It wasn’t the first time Mr Shan­non has had trou­ble with the scan­ners — it shaved a few years from his age pre­vi­ously and al­tered his name slightly.

A spokesman for the De­part­ment of At­tor­ney-Gen­eral said the de­part­ment hadn’t re­ceived re­ports of con­sis­tent fail­ure from li­censees.

“If the ID is dam­aged, worn or scratched, then the on­screen repli­ca­tion will re­flect the con­di­tion of the item scanned,” he said.

Li­censees are re­quired to re­port the prob­lem if the scan­ners don’t work.

Jake Shan­non was rechris­tened A Dsis of Swin

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