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1 Like­ness

6 Street ruf­fi­ans

9 One of the Great Lakes 10 Per­fumes 12 Ti­betan holy man 14 Rice wine 17 Low­est gear 19 Fenc­ing weapon

21 Not con­nected 22 With­drawn from as­so­ci­a­tion


1 Short 14-lined poem 2 Di­vi­sion within a sect 3 Amer­i­can elk 4 Handy 5 Oth­er­wise 7 Plas­ter of Paris 8 Notch 11 An­chor chain 13 Soon 15 Sur­rounded by 16 Stretch out 18 Wa­tusi peo­ples 19 Pe­cu­niary re­sources 20 Part of the eye


1 The camel seen by my lit­tle brother looks like some­thing else

6 With a lot of school­ing nev­er­the­less be­came young ruf­fi­ans

9 A lake that ap­pears to be

al­most weird

10 You re­quire only small change on the ship to smell nice

12 This morn­ing the French en­ter­tain a Ti­betan holy man

14 Ja­panese get some snakes

to drink it

17 Sit this one out!

19 How to frus­trate your

op­po­nent when fenc­ing 21 This one has turned to ale but I’m not a part of it

22 So I “died”, got cast out and

be­came to­tally with­drawn


1 What led Ron to write such a poem?

2 Give me a break!

3 Show some love to

the beast

4 Some­one ar­riv­ing and not far off 5 Oth­er­wise known as lit­tle Elsie

7 Urges some Plas­ter of Paris be seen with it

8 On a pic­nic, Ken? Groovy! 11 Chain mail?

13 Nona is to re­turn in the

near fu­ture

15 Sur­rounded by both the

saint and the ser­vant 16 Marks the spot? Then look

af­ter it and stretch it out 18 This African puts on a

suit at tea

19 Where there’s money you’ll find a lot of mer­ri­ment

20 Eyed the fleur-de-lis

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