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1. Alice B. Tok­las was the part­ner of which modernist writer? 2. Which song by The Smash­ing Pump­kins be­gins with the line, “Time is never time at all”? 3. In 2005, the Lo­gie Awards were hosted by An­drew O’Keefe, Rove McManus and who? 4. Which Off­spring song was num­ber one in the Triple J Hottest 100 for 1998? 5. The 1989 film The War of the Roses was di­rected by which of its stars? 6. What year was Clint East­wood born? 7. Bill Gates dropped out of which US univer­sity in 1974? 8. What is the name of the son of Aus­tralian per­son­al­i­ties Hamish Blake (pic­tured) and Zoe Foster-Blake? 9. Don­ald Win­ni­cott is a fa­mous what? 10. Cyn­thia Nixon played which char­ac­ter in the TV se­ries Sex and the City? 11. In what movie does Brad Pitt’s char­ac­ter try peanut but­ter for the first time? 12. What is Thing from The Ad­dams Fam­ily? 13. Who di­rected and starred in Blaz­ing Sad­dles? 14. What is the only movie Humphrey Bog­art won an Os­car for? 15. Name the 2014 song by Mark Ron­son fea­tur­ing Bruno Mars (pic­tured). 16. Who did No­vak Djokovic de­feat at the 2015 Aus­tralian Open men’s semi-fi­nal? 17. The next match for the Soc­ceroos is a friendly against which coun­try? 18. Stephanie Brantz is a sports pre­sen­ter for which TV net­work? 19. What band in­cluded Davy Jones and Michael Ne­smith? 20. Which team won the 2015 Asian Cup fi­nal? 21. Saint Valen­tine lived in what cen­tury? 22. Sat­ur­day was named by the an­cient Ro­mans for which planet? 23. The Wel­come Stranger gold nugget was found in which Vic­to­rian town? 24. How many US states does the Mo­jave Desert cross? 25. Which Garbage song be­gins with the line, “You can look but you can’t touch”? 26. What year was Bryce Courte­nay’s The Potato Fac­tory first pub­lished? 27. True or false: writer and model So­phie Dahl (pic­tured) is the daugh­ter of chil­dren’s author Roald Dahl? 28. What is the least pro­cessed type of tea: green, white or black? 29. Mau­reen Mc­Cormick gained fame in which clas­sic TV show? 30. TV se­ries Fri­day Night Lights fo­cuses on which sport? 31. What was the name of the char­ac­ter por­trayed by Andy Kauf­man on the sit­com Taxi? 32. What year did the TV show Star Trek first air? 33. True or false: boxer Mike Tyson is an avid pi­geon fancier? 34. Which Can­berra high school did Jackie Chan once at­tend? 35. Ru­dolph Steiner is known for hav­ing in­vented a form of what? 36. What was Or­son Welles’ ac­tual first name? 37. In the mu­sic in­dus­try, who is known as the “God­fa­ther of Grunge”? 38. Tom’s Restau­rant in Man­hat­tan is fa­mous as a re­cur­ring lo­ca­tion in which sit­com? 39. In the 2014 film Still Alice, what dis­ease is Ju­lianne Moore’s (pic­tured) char­ac­ter af­flicted with? 40. The or­der of birds called st­rigi­formes are bet­ter known as what? 41. The TARDIS, the Doc­tor’s time ma­chine, is an acro­nym for Time and Rel­a­tive what In Space? 42. What is the pro­tag­o­nist re­ferred to as in H. G. Wells’s novel The Time Ma­chine? 43. In Chi­nese cul­ture, what is Jueju? 44. Which rock mu­si­cian (pic­tured) ap­peared in the movies Zoolan­der and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me? 45. Street artist Jean-Michel Basquiat ap­pears in the video for which Blondie song? 46. The Bug­gles hit Video Killed the Ra­dio Star was the first song played by MTV in which year? 47. Colour tele­vi­sion was in­tro­duced in Aus­tralia in what year? 48. What colour is the outer edge of a rain­bow? 49. Over the Rain­bow is an Academy Award­win­ning song writ­ten for which film? 50. The six sides of a poker dice are the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, ten and what?

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