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On September 4, the Duke and Du chess Of cam­bridge of cam­bridge,Of Cam­bridge, Prince Wil­liam and Cather­ine Mid­dle­ton, an­nounced that their fam­ily of four is set to be­come a party of five.

“It’s very good news,” Wills, 35, said as he at­tended an event in Ox­ford, UK, the fol­low­ing day. But ut bub won’t be alone in the royal nurs­ery – un­cle Prince Harry and his girl­friend Meghan Markle are also ex­pect­ing!

With the Suits star, 36, con­fess­ing in the lat­est is­sue of Van­ity Fair that t she and her “boyfriend” Harry are “two people who are re­ally happy py and in love”, a palace in­sider says, “I think it’s telling she did the in­ter­view. There’s no way she would do this kindd of per­sonal in­ter­view if there wasn’t al­ready a babyaby or an en­gage­ment in the works.”

The he in­sider hints that Meg may be fur­ther along than n Kate – who’s said to be at 12 weeks – “but won’t an­nounce ounce it un­til an en­gage­ment’s con­firmed”.

And nd though it goes against royal pro­to­col some­what me­what to be ex­pect­ing be­fore they’ve walked ked down the aisle, that’s just how free-spir­ited -spir­ited Harry and Meg roll.

“Harry Harry is dif­fer­ent from the other royals,” ex­plains lains the in­sider. “He’s made it clear he won’tn’t play by their rules when it comes to mar­riage rriage and ba­bies and the or­der it should hap­pen. pen. He is his own man.”

For or now, the cou­ple are happy for the spot­light tlight to be on Wills, Kate, 35, and their kids – Prince ince Ge­orge, four, and Princess Char­lotte, two.

“I’m ’m sure there will be a time when we will have to come ome for­ward and present our­selves and have sto­ries ries to tell, but I hope what people will un­der­stand is that hat this is our time. This is for us,” Meghan tells Van­ity ity Fair. “It’s part of what makes it so spe­cial, that it’s just ust ours. But we’re happy. Per­son­ally, I love a great eat love story.” As do we, Meghan!

Harry just can’t wipe the smile off his face As with her first two preg­nan­cies, Kate is bat­tling hy­per­eme­sis gravi­darum – se­vere morn­ing sick­ness. ‘It’s al­ways a bit anx­ious to start with, but she’s well,’ says Wills of the first trimester. ‘We just need Cather­ine to get over this first bit, then we can start cel­e­brat­ing next week’

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