HOW THE KAR­DASHI­ANS Changed the world

Love ’em or hate ’em, the first fam­ily of re­al­ity have re­de­fined celebrity

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She was only nine years old when the E! cam­eras started fol­low­ing her then-un­known fam­ily around, doc­u­ment­ing their ev­ery move. So it’s no real shock that Kylie Jen­ner ad­mits, “I can’t re­mem­ber a time be­fore Keepin­gup With the kar­dashi­ans.”

And to be hon­est, with Oc­to­ber 14 mark­ing 10 years since the se­ries pre­miered, nei­ther can we!

With the show prov­ing a huge suc­cess, things got “re­ally crazy, re­ally fast” for ma­tri­arch and master­mind Kris and her kids Kourt­ney, Kim, Khloe and Robert Kar­dashian, as well as her then-hus­band Bruce Jen­ner – now Cait­lyn – and their daugh­ters Ken­dall and Kylie.

“I wasn’t think­ing fame. I was just think­ing, ‘How cool!’” re­calls Kim, the su­per­star of the klan.

“I just thought my life seemed in­ter­est­ing... If only people knew the crazy things that go on in this house­hold, it would be so funny. And ev­ery­one kept say­ing that. They’d come over and be like, ‘Oh my god, you need your own re­al­ity show.’”

And, boy, were they on the money!

In 2007, Kim – at the time best known for be­ing Paris Hil­ton’s as­sis­tant and gal pal – hit the head­lines when a sex tape she’d filmed in 2003 with her then­boyfriend Ray J sur­faced.

Keen to take her sec­ond­born’s “15 min­utes of fame and turn it into 30”, Kris be­gan dis­cussing the idea of a re­al­ity show with pro­ducer Ryan Seacrest, who was on the hunt for a fam­ily to star in a re­al­ity show in the vein of Theos­bournes.

“No-one could have pre­dicted the Kar­dashi­ans’ and Jen­ners’ suc­cess,” Ryan says of the show, which has since seen the klan amass an es­ti­mated net worth of more than $500 mil­lion, thanks to KUWTK specials, nine spin-off se­ries, prod­uct lines and more en­dorse­ment deals than you can shake a KKW Beauty con­tour stick at.

They’ve also dom­i­nated so­cial media, with more

than 437 mil­lion I In­sta­gramt f fol­low­er­sll b be­tween them!

“We’ve built this brand, and I’m so proud of it,” Kim boasts. “For ev­ery­one say­ing I have no tal­ent... [I say], ‘Not bad for a girl with no tal­ent.’”

But even sex­ier than their suc­cess? The drama and scan­dal that’s al­lowed them to de­liver an im­pres­sive 13 sea­sons of ad­dic­tive TV...

“She didn’t make it seem like it was go­ing to last this long,” Ken­dall says of Kris’s ini­tial pitch to the fam­ily, while Kim adds, “I don’t think any of us thought it would.” And a decade on, we’re still hooked! From af­fairs

and divorces to over­doses and rob­beries, nude self­ies, plas­tic surgery, Vogue cov­ers, a 72-day mar­riage and one gen­der tran­si­tion, the re­al­ity roller­coaster of their lives is the gift that keeps on giv­ing. “It’s wild to look back and see footage from the last 10 years,” says Kim, who’s been mar­ried twice on the show, di­vorced once, and gave birth to two of the six chil­dren who make up the next gen­er­a­tion of the Kar­dashian klan. So what’s the se­cret to the show’s im­mense suc­cess? “There were so many of us,” sug­gests Kris. “In­stead of just be­ing able to watch one or two people, you had this fam­ily with 10 kids [in­clud­ing Cait’s four chil­dren from pre­vi­ous mar­riages]. There is just a lot of dy­namic be­tween each fam­ily mem­ber and I think that made it re­ally in­ter­est­ing.” Kim says the fact that they started at the bot­tom and made their way to the top is an­other big sell­ing point. “I think it’s great that the show is as­pi­ra­tional. I started off in a small apart­ment, and now I’m in this huge home.” Mean­while, Ryan says it’s down to the fact that the fam­ily had “a de­lib­er­ate in­tent to be vul­ner­a­ble and cap­ture that from the be­gin­ning”, which is some­thing Kris in­sisted on from the get-go.

“I sat ev­ery­one down and said, ‘If we’re go­ing to do this, we have to be all-in. We have to re­ally be who we are,’” she ex­plains.

And while liv­ing their lives on screen has led to plenty of high­lights – like wed­dings, ba­bies and blow-out hol­i­days! – it hasn’t all been easy.

Kim says the “most dif­fi­cult thing” to film was their re­ac­tion and ad­just­ment to Bruce’s de­ci­sion to tran­si­tion to Cait­lyn in 2015.

“Just see­ing my mom and Khloe hav­ing such a hard time... We never re­ally edited con­tent be­fore, but we did edit a bit of Khloe’s re­ac­tion, just be­cause she was so up­set,” she re­calls.

But de­spite the tough times, the klan won’t be call­ing, “Cut!” any time soon.

“When we first started, I jok­ingly said, ‘We’ll be on Sea­son 32, Kylie gets mar­ried,’” Kris laughs.

“I was kid­ding, and here we are, and it’s sea­son 14, so be care­ful what you wish for.”

As for Kim? She’s got her fin­gers crossed it’s for­ever!

“I love shar­ing my life,” she says. “And I hope it goes on for as long it can.”

Never leave us!

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