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Weight loss, health, longevity – why giv­ing up the meat could be the best thing you’ve ever done! Will you lose weight? What’s on the green menu? Wt

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What do celebs like Olivia Wilde, Mi­ley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth and Ari­ana Grande all have in com­mon? They’re proud ve­gans – and happy to preach about the ben­e­fits of giv­ing up meat to any­one who’ll lis­ten!

“Be­yond my de­sire to boy­cott the tor­ture fac­to­ries, I am also way hap­pier when I eat a plant­based diet, and I feel about a thou­sand times more en­er­getic,” Olivia, 33, says of her eat­ing habits.

Mi­ley, 24, agrees, once ’gram­ming, “So many good plants/fruits/ ve­g­ies to eat you ain’t gotta eat dead an­i­mals.”

And with new re­search putting meat in its place, not to men­tion pro-plant do­cos like What The Health and Forks Over Knives (both on Net­flix) dom­i­nat­ing head­lines, A-lis­ters aren’t the only ones reeval­u­at­ing their lifestyle choices and giv­ing flesh the flick.

Why ditch theWt meat?

“Peo “People who con­sume meat gen­er­ally have worse health out­comes, par­tic­u­larly in terms of heart disease, stroke and cancer,” ex­plains Dr Ran­dall Stafford, pro­fes­sor of medicine at Cal­i­for­nia’s Stan­ford Cen­ter For Re­search In Disease Preven­tion.

“And the ev­i­dence goes fur­ther than just sug­gest­ing an as­so­ci­a­tion — it shows that plant-based di­ets di­rectly cause bet­ter health [out­comes].”

Afraid so, steak lovers! An­i­mal prod­ucts – and not just t the pro­cessed ver­sions – can be high in sat­u­rated fats and car­cino­gens, , and pose a greater risk in terms of food­borne ill­nesses. By com­par­i­son, re­search sug­gests a vege­tar­ian diet can re­duce uce car­dio­vas­cu­lar disease mor­tal­ity rates by up to 29 per cent and the in­ci­dence nce of cancer by 18 per cent, , says Dr Stafford. There’s good news for the waist­line, too! In one study com­par­ing low-kilo­joule meat and veg di­ets, those stick­ing to plants lost al­most twice as much weight as om­ni­vores – and more fat!

But just as with an­i­mal prod­ucts, you can’t load up on pro­cessed, su­gar-filled ve­gan foods and get away with it!

Nope, it’s all about get­ting a good mix of nu­tri­ent-rich whole foods and steer­ing clear of pro­cessed stuff. It’s the ques­tion ev­ery ve­gan gets asked – how do you get enough pro­tein?

“A plant-based diet can pro­vide all the pro­tein any­one needs – 40 or 50 grams [per day],” says Dr Stafford.

Ve­gans can lack vi­ta­min B12, but make up the deficit through nu­tri­tional yeast – a dry, flakes condi­ment that can be added to meals or sprin­kled on dishes – and for­ti­fied ve­gan foods.

Here’s a lit­tle tasty veg­spi­ra­tion to getg youy started…


Olivia Wilde has been mostly meat-free since she was 12! Liam and Mi­ley cud­dle up to their res­cue pup Dora VEG LOVERS An­i­mal-lov­ing Mi­ley’s ve­gan ways rubbed off on her fi­ancé Liam, 27, who says, “After all the in­for­ma­tion I gath­ered about the mis­treat­men

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