‘I couldn’t han­dle Soph dump­ing me’

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You’re so in love, t the thought of get­ting you you­rur heart bro­ken must be teter­ri­fy­ing...erri­fy­ing... The last thithing thing I’d want tt to do d is i leave l the man­sion with­out w Sophie – your life could end right there with her. I’m com­mit­ted to her 100 per cent – this is who I want to be with for the rest of my life, and if she doesn’t choose me, I don’t think I could han­dle it. And if she does choose you? I’ve told her I’d be happy to up and leave and fol­low her wher­ever she needs to go. I would ac­tu­ally love to start my own vine­yard up with Sophie and she said she’d love to do that with me. We can have a fam­ily on the vine­yard, and it can be in Queens­land or Mel­bourne, who cares! So if you’ve spo­ken about fam­i­lies, you must have talked aboutout mar­riage...marr Yeah, we chat about that! We’ve dis­cussed hav­ing ng the wed­ding on the vine­yard I have in Mel­bourne. I brought ght it to Sophie’s at­ten­tion that that’s what I want and she he agreed. On the vine­yard with fire­works! Wow, you’ve got it all planned, haven’t you? I would be ready in a heart­beat eart­beat to set­tle down with Soph. Mar­riage, kids, it’s our time me to start some­thing new. What about Stu – it’s ob­vi­ouss he and Soph have a con­nec­tion. Are you wor­ried about­bout that? He can’t have a chance... He doesn’t. He doesn’t n’t have a chance! Sounds like you’re try­ing to con­vince your­sel­fr­self there, Jar­rod... This is the hard­est thing I’ve ever done. The army has noth­ing on this!

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