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She takes the New York sub­way and claims to do her own gro­ceries, but Sarah Jes­sica Parker may not be as down-to-earth as she’d like us to be­lieve.

Dur­ing her Magic Mich XXL stage show on Oc­to­ber 11, co­me­dian Michelle Collins read aloud emails al­legedly sent from the SATC star to a staffer – and her de­mands are down­right bizarre!

In one, SJP, 52, in­structs staff to re­fill a 50g jar of Vase­line with a spoon for her chil­dren, and then for said cut­lery to be hand­washed with a pa­per towel and then put through the dish­washer. An­other dic­tates that bot­tles of face and body wash be con­tin­u­ally re­filled in the per­sonal shower of SJP’S son James Brod­er­ick, who turns 15 this week. She also in­structs as­sis­tants on how to ad­min­is­ter eye­drops to her kids and even how hard they should be blink­ing!

SJP’S team quickly claimed that they have no clue who Michelle is. Hmmm...

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