Fresh fears for shrink­ing Ange

Her waist-ob­sessed snaps h have many urg­ing her to eat!

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Kek­endall Jen­ner has never had the kukurves of her Kar­dashian sis­ters, but shshe’s never been this skinny ei­ther.

Pals fear the model has be­come “tto­tally ob­sessed” with achiev­ing a tteeny tiny tum, and Kenny shocked fans by post­ing a series of pics with her rib cage jut­ting out.

“Mul­timil­lion­aire and can’t buy yoy­our­self a meal,” wwrote one on­line co­com­menter. “I can lit­er­ally sesee the ribs,” wwrote an­other.

The ru­mours of her new wawaist-whit­tling obob­ses­sion come aftafter it was rere­ported that Kkenny, 22, susurvives on ju­just 2100kj a dayy – dras­ti­cally lolower than wwhat the avav­er­age woman shshow eat.

“The most Kek­endall will alal­low her­self is a child­like popor­tion of food ononce a day,” a sosource re­veals.

‘If she thinks she’s con­sum­ing more than 500 [calo­ries] a day, she freaks out,’ a source says of Kenny, who looked tiny on Novem­ber 4

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