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An­other week, an­other tweak for Katie Price. Girl­friend just doesn’t know when to stop! The Brit celeb, 39, couldn’t keep her right eye open at an ITV event in Lon­don on Novem­ber 9 – and sur­geons say it’s be­cause she’s over­done it with the ’Tox once again.

“She has had a lit­tle too much and it has ap­peared to have caused mi­nor paral­y­sis,” says Syd­ney-based plas­tic sur­geon Dr Wil­liam Mooney. Eek!

Fel­low Syd­ney sur­geon Dr Jeremy Hunt agrees that Katie’s, er, lazy eye is the re­sult of her bing­ing on Bo­tox, say­ing, “It weak­ens the power of a mus­cle, and there are a group of mus­cles that lift the eye­brow and the eye­lid. If the bal­ance be­tween the Bo­tox left and right is not equal, a droop can oc­cur in one eye­brow.”

Hope you’re tak­ing notes, Katie!

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